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Changing the way people think about getting home.


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STEARCLEAR for Business


STEARCLEAR is revolutionizing personal driving. Our drive teams are available to transport people to and from various destinations in their own vehicle. With a STEARCLEAR Business Account, you’re in control of spend and reimbursement.  You have the ability to provide your people with a discount code on the service, or cover the cost yourself.

Bars + Restaurants


Let STEARCLEAR help you gain notoriety within your community by helping to keep roads safe as a socially responsible business owner. Offer your patrons a safe, reliable way home while lowering your liability.


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Patient Services


The STEARCLEAR Team will work with your medical facility to provide homebound patients safe passage – in their own vehicle.  They’ll no longer have to inconvenience a family member or wait until it’s safe for them to drive.


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Events & Valet Services


Offer your guests hospitality – and a ride home.  The STEARCLEAR valet and personal driver service is perfect for your next event.  Our team of professional drivers is ready to help get your guests, and their vehicles home safe.


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STEARCLEAR ensures your guests have a safe way home. We’ll work with you to notify guests in advance that STEARCLEAR is available for your event(s). As a venue, use STEARCLEAR as an add on when selling your facility to potential clients. Email us for more information about making STEARCLEAR available to your guests.