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Introducing STEARCLEAR Medical

STEARCLEAR is revolutionizing personal driving.  Our drive teams are available to transport people to and from various destinations in their own vehicle.  STEARCLEAR Medical allows your facility to offer your patients an alternative to public transportation or relying on a family member.  You have the ability to provide your patients with a discount code or cover the costs of rides yourself.


We make it easy for your patients to get home safe.

How Does it Work?

  1. Select an Account Administrator
  2. Pick a plan that’s right for your facility
  3. Create an account

What Do My Patients Have to Do?

  1. Download the STEARCLEAR USA app or visit
  2. Create an Account
  3. Schedule a ride

*Your office staff may take care of requesting service on behalf of the patient if you prefer.

With an elective procedure like LASIK, it’s so nice to partner with STEARCLEAR to offer our patients a ride home in their own vehicle.  Offering and paying for the service has given us an edge over the competition in the area!



Sara T. | Ridgewood, NJ