The STEARCLEAR Team will work with you, your group, or your facility to develop a valuable partnership that keeps everyone safe and advances social responsibility in your community.

Individuals – One Way + Personal Driver By the Hour


STEARCLEAR is the largest designated driver network in the United States.  Let one of our highly trained teams pick you and your vehicle up, and take you safely to your destination.  Leaving the city after work?  Perfect, we’ll see you soon.  Heading out for an anniversary dinner?  Congratulations, we’ll pick you up after.  STEARCLEAR offers one-way and driver-by-the-hour services, so choose the service that’s right for you, and schedule a ride today!


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Bars, Restaurants and Brewpubs


Offer your patrons a safe, reliable way home while lowering your liability. We’ll provide you with marketing materials and information for your staff to help promote STEARCLEAR within your establishment. Gain notoriety within your community for helping to keep your roads safe and being a socially responsible business owner.


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Patient Services / Medical Facilities


We work with staff to provide your patients a safe ride home in their own car. They’ll no longer have to inconvenience a family member or wait until it’s safe for them to drive.


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Corporate and Group Memberships


Looking for a way to keep your employees or your friends and family safe? Group memberships offer a discounted rate for all members and peace of mind that you’re being socially responsible.


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Party Hosts, Event Venues and Festivals


Ensure your guests have a safe way home by making STEARCLEAR available to them. We’ll work with you to notify guests in advance that STEARCLEAR is available for your event(s). As a venue, use STEARCLEAR as an add on when selling your facility to potential clients. Email us for more information about making STEARCLEAR available to your guests.


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