An American Company that Refuses to Fist Bump or Break the Law

We love what we do.  How many people can truly say that?  Our jobs are awesome, and we work with an incredible team of dedicated professionals who contribute tirelessly every day to making America’s roads safer for everyone.  If you’re new to our company, the STEARCLEAR Team is in the business of getting people, and their vehicles, to where they need to be, safely and affordably – whether that be home, the office, the airport, the grocery store, the hospital, the farmers’ market, or the beach (and anywhere else you can get to legally on four wheels).  We take the worry out of bachelor and bachelorette partieslower the liability for restaurants and bars; and make sure wedding guests make it home with happy memories of newlyweds and bellies full of cake.  How could we not love what we do?


STEARCLEAR is a different kind of company – and we are mighty proud of it.  We took the traditional chauffeur model, and turned it on its head by offering a user-friendly mobile app and a straightforward and affordable pricing model.  Our team makes it so everyone can have a personal driver available at their fingertips, whenever they need one.  That is one of the coolest things about our business – the ease and accessibility of something seemingly unattainable once reserved for the rich and famous – now available to everybody.


We do our absolute best to be predictable, reliable and affordable.  We will do whatever it takes to keep our riders safe and comfortable.  We want our drivers to be successful and take pride in their company and its mission.  We want to be respectful of our federal, state and local laws, and support the lawmakers and public servants who work to create and enforce legislation that keep our families and friends safe. We want to be professional, trustworthy and a good community partner – and most importantly, we want to be America’s first choice for personal and professional transportation services.


You have our word that we will never hyper-inflate or surge prices on weekends and peak travel times; we will not make a mockery out of traffic and transportation laws and policies; we will not wave our wallets around in a feeble attempt to buy our way out of a bind; and we will not fist bump you (or make you cookies)…sorry.  Unless it’s your birthday…then maybe we can stop and get some cookies.


Our drive teams and franchise locations are spreading across the nation, and are available in many major metro areas and suburbs.  We want STEARCLEAR to be a win-win-win opportunity – for our riders, our drivers and us – and know we will be.


Get started today by creating a personal STEARCLEAR account online, or by calling us at 877.456.RIDE.  STEARCLEAR: Changing the way people think about getting home.


Stay safe out there,


Dan Glover | President and CEO